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Month: May 2021

10 Best Hairstyles For Women That Will Never Go Out Of Trend

As day breaks, new hairstyles keep evolving in the fashion world. If you take time out to attend any of the classic beauty events, your eyes will rejoice to see the newest hairstyles in the world of beauty. As these hairstyles come and go with trends, a few of them remain trending season in, season out. 

Women love easy-to-maintain hairstyles that can complement their outfits for different events. You can take this clue to attract more customers to your hair salon and increase your customer base. Here’s a list of the ten best hairstyles for women that will never go out of trend.

1. Short Wavy Bob

Ladies or young women who love trends cannot joke with this hairstyle. It perfectly combines class and attractiveness with just the right amount of femininity to make it trendy. For women who are tired of their old look, you can mix things up with this fantastic wavy style. Bobs match perfectly with waves, and they produce a unique outlook for diverse outfits. If you claim to a top-notch hairdresser Paddington, you must know how to do this. This hairstyle has a subtle way of putting ladies at the center of men’s gaze without looking extravagant.  Did I mention that it is a super-flattering style? Yes, it is.

2. Blunt Cut

You can recommend blunt-cut for any of your customers who are suffering from thin hair syndrome. As a seasoned hairdresser, you should know how to rescue your clients from the struggle of wanting to look nice but leaving the salon looking like a doll. This hairstyle is perfect for young ladies and women with thin hair, especially those who like to rock a short style. Aside from the fact that blunt cuts can frame women’s faces and highlight their unique features, they are also universally admired and on-trend. Now that the masculine trend is surging, a blunt cut in shorter hair is an excellent way to make people look at you more than necessary. Adding a few waves throughout your clients’ hair will make them picture-perfect.

3. Low Bun

No matter what, your customers can’t resist the messy bun. It is the black sheep of hairstyles. Some ladies claim they wish they don’t carry in on their head, but its pull is just too strong. With short hair, your customers may find themselves struggling to achieve their most desired look. But, you can step in an on-trend hairdresser to help them out. It doesn’t require much stress. Just gather the hair at the nape of your clients’ neck and twist it into a fantastic bun. If your customer has bangs, allow them to fall across her face naturally. You can also pull some strands out around her face and behind her ears to create a soft, classy style.

4. Short and Straight

Who says women need long locks alone to rock the iconic Rachel Green look ideally? Short and straight hair with a mid-part is one of the never-fading trendy hairstyles. It’s here to stay. This hairstyle provides a mix of the classic 90s style with a blunt bob and a platinum blonde. This cut is striking, flattering, and screams attitude. 

5. Pixie Cut

A pixie cut can save the day when going short becomes daunting for women with thick long hair. When it goes wrong, it is your responsibility as a pro hairdresser to make suitable recommendations for your customers. Sometimes, customers may suggest those awkward bowl-looking hairstyles, but an intelligent hairdresser must always be ready to provide a guide. The key to making the best out of short styles with thick hair is focusing on the layers and texture. Blunt Cuts will add bulk to your customer’s hair. Instead, advise them to go for a well-layered, textured pixie cut. The layers will allow them to sit and flow with ease.

6. Twists

A few sexy twists will are an excellent way to breathe some life into your customer’s cropped hairstyle. Not only that, it brings a unique look, but it will also protect your customers’ locks too. This hairstyle requires no additional stylings and will let the hair repair itself from damage sustained from coloring, heat, and general wear and tears.

7. Bangs

Bangs are always on-trend, and the short hair is not going anywhere soon. So, why not combine the two hair trends to produce a great style? It’s simple and easy to style. Bangs don’t require much maintenance, other than occasional trim and oiling. Bangs in short hair can frame the face, drawing attention to the carrier’s best features. when it comes to bangs, there are endless styling opportunities.

8. Short Thin Hair

From bobs to faux hawks, asymmetric styles, undercutspixie cuts, and everything in between, short cuts are best for women with thin hair.  When they are styled right, you can not express the glamour. A short-cut hairstyle creates the illusion of thickness and allows women’s hair to thicken up naturally. It doesn’t require much stress to maintain. With regular trims and styling, the hair becomes healthier. 

9. Short Thick Hair

Women may not like to partake in making short hair trends if they already have naturally thick hair. However, short styles look great in a thick mane. Ladies with thick hair can rock short pixie cuts, front fridges, bobs with choppy layers, or side sweeping bangs. Meanwhile, the texture remains the key to short, thick hair. So, make sure that you add a few layers to keep your customer’s hair light and pleasant.

10. Lob With a Knot

The lob is one of the most prominent hairstyles in today’s trend. If you carefully look at how it perfectly fits almost every outfit, you would disagree less that it’s not going out of vogue sooner. The top knot is the only rival to this relaxed girl cut. Hence, it only makes good sense if you pair them together in holey-hair matrimony. 


You can double your income when you are conversant with the latest hairstyles. Customers can never stop patronizing a hairdresser that knows what hairstyles are trending and how to make them flawlessly. 

Sometimes, customers dont know what hairstyle can give them a new look they desire, but they can trust you as a professional hairdresser to give them something trendy to make them look attractive and classic. 

6 Must-Ask Questions During Hair Salon Consultation

Young or old? New or regular? a lot of questions pops up in the minds of Paddington hair salon visitors when trying to match make a stylist for their hair. It is the responsibility of the hair dresser to calm these nerves by showing them he or she is on top of the game. How? Touching base with clients through effective consultation is the cornerstone to a happy stylist-client relationship. 

Consultation does more than getting you familiar with your clients and their needs. It is the foundation of trust and perception. When done right, it’s everything you need to get the customer to entrust their look to you. 

Remember, first impression last longer. Therefore, consultation is one of the most crucial steps in the Paddington hair salon processes and at such mustn’t be rushed through. A good consultation will result in a good haircut, while a great one will make clients coming back. So, if you are interested in taking your consultation process from good to great. This wonderful piece is for you. 

Before letting you on the details, here are some benefits of a great hair salon consultation; 

  • Better understanding the client’s expectations.
  • Addresses major concerned areas
  • Formulation of a customer-specific service plan
  • Makes a Happy you and happy clients
  • Builds trust and confidence 
  • Help generates more referral and more revenue. 
  • Minimises misunderstanding and AMD results in less complaints 

A great consultation is all about accessing your clients personality along with their needs.  Here are some great questions that need to asked when a client visit your consultation room: 

First thing first, it’s better to start with the goal in mind. Knowing the overall expectation of your client is a good place to start. The best question about hairdresser you can start with is

QUESTION 1:  What do you want to achieve with your hair?

It’s best to start by knowing your client long term hair goal. This question set the tone for a lot of discoveries. Some client will be very certain about the future while others might seemed focused. Whatever the case, it’s good to ask this question. 

For instance, a client whose long term goal is to grow long hair shouldn’t be given pixie cuts at present, even if that’s what she said she wants. Rather, you should be educate her on suitable hair cuts, regular hair trimming and what products will help them grow out hair. 

QUESTION 2:  Tell me more about your daily hair ritual? 

The amount of time available for a client to maintain her hiar is also important when considering what style will work best for them. Maintaining a platinum or super adorable bang for a busy working mom is likely unrealistic because of their daily routine. Clients who don’t mind putting effort into their daily routine are good with complex hairstyles. 

Prioritizing your client hair routine is your job as a professional, by guiding and advising on what’s most suitable for their life and hairstyle, your clients will trust you the more and appreciate your professionalism. 

QUESTION 3: What products do you use on your hair? 

Definiteltly a key question to ask. Find out about the products and tools your client use to style their hair. It’s possible they mention something weird or hurting their hair. It’s your job to never make them feel stupid or  embarrased.

Alternatively, open their eyes to the effect of such products and give advice and tips on better products. 

If styling tools such as straightener or flat iron is used on their hair, offer advice on the best practice for heat styling (Below 365 degree for flat iron).  Recommend protective serum and other products to boost their hair health. All in a friendly and simple approach. click here to learn about hair health.

Never sound judgmental. Instead, show them you care about their hair health and start building loyalty from there.

QUESTION 4: Tell me your worst and favourite hairstyle experience? 

At times, human beings can be unpredictable. While you may think as an expert that a Bob-lenght cut would look great on your client, the client may think or want otherwise, maybe by going personal with it or as a repulse for past unfavourable experience.

It’s important to understand clients preference for haircuts. Understanding what they love about their past experience can also be helpful. That way, you’ve seen and heard where they are coming from, taking them to their destination should then be easy.

QUESTION 5: What do you like or dislike about your hair? 

See your consultation room as a conversation room between two lovers. Every party will have share their thought and opinion without the fear of being judged. Yes, you are the expert in the room, but remember you are trying to build a trust relationship for your brand. 

Open question like this can make the consultation session simple and quick. Take notes of what clients like and dislike as they answer this question. Find a way to demystify their mystery, either by suggesting services that emphasize on their likes or others that take care of their dislikes. 

Go further by asking for pictures of moment of likes and dislikes, or show them pictures of similar scenarios. Let them show you what they really mean. With this they will appreciate more.

 QUESTION 6: Can I know your budget? 

The goal here is neither to scare clients away, nor to compromise on your standard, but to help client keep up with their appointment by breaking down pricing into flexible bits. 

Most times, new client are mostly unaware of salon service pricing. It is crucial to discuss this on the onset. Your client won’t be disappointed when she seems to have found the right stylist, only for price to let her down. Making the cost unknown until checkout might hit the client too hard, as this may meet them unprepared. 

On event there’s significant gap between the clients budget and your pricing, come up with options on how to schedule payment and appointment to match their budget without underpricing you services.  visit to learn about set your budget.


Above are six must-ask questions during your consultation session. Wen you ask them you need to keep this mind; Your consultation room is not an examination room. Let your client feel comfortable and do most of the talking. Make it as fun as possible. Don’t be nervous and don’t make your client nervous.

Listen first and listen more, Talk later and talk friendlier. 

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